Ending ceremony, salsa and farm life

Hola corazones

Since last time, I have finished my project at a great ceremony and started doing community work. Socially, I have been busy too. An old friend from Denmark was in Cusco and it was weekend, so that always involves a lot of people. Thursday, we had the closing ceremony for the teacher training project, which turned out to be quite an emotional affair and at the same time great. The three levels(basic, intemediate and advanced) had all prepared performances. Henry and I’s class did a personalized verison of ?let it be? and it was actually quite successful, with the help of fingersnapping(Henry and I) we succeeded to have some rhythm and everybody enjoyed themselves which obviously wad the most important.  The advanced class did versions of Snow White and The Three Little Pigs, it was magnificent – the acting was really funny and good and their level of English is just incredible. The intermediate class did a play/musical thingy which was hilarious as the students’ acting was very tele-novela like, and there were some problems with pronounciation which made us teachers crack up.Us teachers, however, also had to perform and we had chosen the Italian song Volare, as there exist a versions in Spanish(the most famous actually) and in English. Sara and I then translated it into Danish as well (quite successfully if we may say so ourselves)  so Irene sang in Italian, Sara and I in Danish, Ashely, Henry and Christine in English and finally all of us in Spanish.  After all the performances came the serious part: the handing over of certificates to our students. This was amazing, I felt so proud of them and we all got a bit emotional. Afterwards, we were also handed certificates unexpectedly,  and our students gave us presents. My students had bought diaries for Henry and I, I was really touched. Afterwards, we all went out for lunch and then said good bye, it was so strange to see them disappearing down the street knowing that you probably will not ever see them again. So yes, that was the end and it was weird but I cannot express how much I loved my project and I am so happy I chose to that paritcular one, which is probably the most worthwhile and important one Projects Abroad have in Peru.

Feeling a  it sad, us teachers went and had coffee with soem strong stuff in. While, we were sitting there at Irene and I’s favorite cafe, my old OD friend Josefine walks in. What a coincidence! I knew she was in town as she had facebooked me(I ❤ > FACEBOOK) but waht are the chances of that cafe at exactly that moment. It was great to see her, and her friend Cecilie(also OD) was lovely. So Irene and I met up with them at night and showed them some of our favorite spots – mirador, mojitos at Siete Anglitos and then some table football at Bullfrogs. I feel like such a local, its awesome.

Friday, we did community work in the Sacred Valley and we played around with the kids. For example, we had a pillow fight and came up with dance moves in our groups(elements). However, Irene and I got the leftover kids whodid understand that you had to divide into groups, so we had our problems with making them concentrate, haha. In the evening, teaching team and Josefine and Cecilie had dinner at Km O again, as we love their thai food and saw the band again. We are becoming groupies of a really bad looking band, haha, says something about how much you appreciate people how play their instrumets well in Peru, South American music revolution literally skipped this country. Afterwards, we went clubbing and were home at like 4.

Next morning we got up at 7, puh, and went to to more community work in Calca. The children painted a piece of white linen so that it looked like the river, and then did activites where they moved the river up and down and at different tempos. This was, of course, all an allusion to the river that took their houses and I thought it was really beautiful and they were so happy to get all dirtied up with paint. Saturday eve ing Irene and I and two other voluteers(a French and A Dutch girl) wnet to a club where there were salsa lessons and we had so much fun, now that we are really getting a hang of it. However, we went home early as we had to get up early next morning to go to our host family’s field in the countryside.

So Sunday morning, we got up early again again, and left with Maria, our host mother, to her native villange Zurite. After a trip to the market and a lot of combi driving we arrived in the stunning countryside. We walked to Maria’s little cottage in her fields, where we picked corn from the fields. It was a glorious day weather-wise and we spent time just de-peeling corn and laying around in the sun. We devoured a great meal of corn, cheese, tomate, chili and avocado that Maria prepared at an open fire. I totally overate, haha. We then walked up to the village through the fields and reached the tent settlements. Zurite has been hit very badly by the rains, and as the village is up a mountain, they have had to evacuate the whole village as the danger of more landslides is too imminent. We spemt some time with Maria’s brother who is the father of two adorable twins and wnet for a wlak in the wrecked town. It was shocking. Massive landslides had cut their way through the town, and the school and lot of houses were completely destroyed.

This week, we are doing community week and yesterday we ent to Yucay(Sacred Valley) and played with kids. Today, we did a dental health campaign, which was awesome. Basically we were given face masks, tooth brushes, gloves and fluoride. We then drove to differnt locations, and applied fluoride to the kids’ teeth and explained them how to brush their teeth and supplied them with toothbrushes. The state of the childrens’ teeth was  appalling, full of cavities and just destroyed. was quite horrible, but I am happy tha twe are doing somehtimng, it is obviously needed. Tomorrow, we are also doing this campaign. i am looking forward to it, it is fun and we look like mad scientists 🙂

You might not hear from me for a while, as this Sunday I am flying to the jungle with Irene and we are staying for a week, yeeeahhh. I cant wait!!! So chao chao and take care chicos

In general the coming weeks(4-5) I will be backpacking with Irene. We have planned an awesome Peru tour, and it will be incredible. It does mean that my internet access will not be as regular, but I aim to keep you as updated as possible.

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