Let it be, community workshops and early morning ruins

Hello lovelies

Here I am again. Last week went by so quickly that I did not get a chance to write a post at all. Project-wise, things are drawing to a close, which is scary, time has really flown by. In some ways, it is nice as I can’t wait to go travelling. On the other hand, I have grown soo fond of my class and I am not ready to let them go at all. There is so much I want them to learn and I will really miss them. After six weeks of seeing each other almost 4 hours a day, you form bonds and we have had so many laughs.  So this Thursday will be very bittersweet. We are going to have a sort of ceremony, where we will perform with the different classes and hand our students their completion diplomas.  My class will be performing an adapted version of Let it be, that Henry and I wrote, sitting in the clinic waiting for blood work 🙂

Let it be -Laerke and Henry edit [Short version]

When I find myself in times of trouble,

Laerke and Henry come to me.

Speaking words in English.

Let it be.

And in my hour of darkness,

they are standing right in front of me.

Speaking words in English.

Let it be.

Teaching words in English.

Let it be.

And when the broken-hearted students,

living in Peru agree.

We will get the answers.

Let it be.

For though they may be parted,

There is still a chance that they will see:

Subject, verb then object.

Let it be.

Yeah, there will be answers.

Let it be.

Teaching words in English.

Let it be.

And when the night is cloudy

And the homework’s quite tricky

Hand it in tomorrow.

Let it be.

I wake up to the sounds of voices,

Practicing vocabulary

Speaking words in English.

Let it be.

So for the last week, Henry and I have been trying to teach them this song. However it has not been as easy as we thought, because our students proved to be quite tone-deaf, and everyone insist on singing in their own personal rhythm and lets say that even after a 6 weeks course, their pronounciation leaves much to be desired,hahha. So it will be a lot of fun on Thursday and afterwards we are all going out to eat again, so a really nice ending to the course. Last Thursday, we also had a lovely time. We had a small pre-Sct. Valentine’s Day thingy. Henry and I bought cake and two of the girls from our class had cooked guinea pig(marsvin) which is a local speciality, and we had a little lunch. It was wonderful, and after eating the guinea pig you have to drink this home-made rum with little tiny bones in it, and the cup was passed until the last bone was gone. Really weird, but hilarious, and as Henry was on anti-biotics I had to take quite a few for the team, haha.

Friday,  I had my last Spanish class and afterwards Irene and I went into town and spent our afternoon wandering around San Blas and found info for our travels. It was a sunny day, so at 6 o’clock we purchased some beers, a coca brownie and coca cookie and went up to our favorite mirador (A place in San Blas with an enchanting view of the city.) When it got dark, we went to a lovely little bar where they served Thai food(!!!) and great Pisco sours. Here we spent the next couple of hours eating, drinking and listening to a live band, which could actually play their instruments well and they played all the good ol’ classics. It was maginficent. We went home early, intoxicated and happy, as the next morning we had to do community work in the Sacred Valley.

So Saturday morning, we went to Calca to do a workshop with kids whose families have lost their homes to the rain. After a troublesome busride(bus left 30 hour late, then we had to get off halfway because electricity cables were laying across the road, Peru really makes you patient. ) we arrived in Calca and had a great time playing with the kids, who are adorable. We played with face paint and papmache. It was fun! The workshop was organised by a child psychologist who is trying to take the kids’ minds off their current situation and by playing games where we are the the elements, she is trying to re-establish the kids’ trust in “nature” who betrayed them, and also just to help them express their emotions. So, we will be working with these kids every Friday and Saturday morning the next two weeks. I am happy to do this project, because the kids really need us, it is exhausting, but so important.

After the workshop, we returned to Cusco and after a 3 hour disco-nap, Irene and I set out for at wild night in Cusco. We had a great dinner, and then toured quite a few bars, and afterwards even more clubs. We met lots of cool people, and ended up hanging our with some Kiwis. At 6 0’clock in the morning, we climbed the 200 steps up to the local ruins Sacsayhuaman where the entrance is free before 7 o’clock. So quite drunk and exhausted we went around, chewing coca lefs and enjoying the beautiful ruins which are comprised of the biggest stones I have ever seen. Eventually, we fell asleep on one of those gigantic stones, and when we woke up we went to have breakfast at a cafe in Plaza de las Armas, what an incredible night and morning. The rest of the Sunday we spent sleeping and watching girlie movies. Life is good.


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