Quiet week, weather madness and sickness

Hola chica y chicos

A little update, the last week was in some ways very quite and in others a bit extreme. First of all, do not know if you have heard, but we had the worst rain falls in recorded Peruvian history. This led to collapsed bridges, land slides, rock slides etc. The train rails in Machupicchu were destroyed when the road washed over them, so 2000 turists were evacuated out of Aguas Calientes (the city next to Machupicchu). In Cusco however we did not feel it too much, it was mainly the Sacred Valley and small pueblos where houses disappeared and crops were destroyed, so the whole area was declared in a state of emergency. The rain fell mainly over three days, and it was insane, it rained all day long. The streets were small rivers, so we stayed indoors most of the time. I have been perfectly fine however, we went about teaching as normal and I enjoyed a week, where I watched my students make good progress. Henry and I felt like proud parents. Our students were, for example, able to explain simple English grammar in spanish to us in small presentations, where they used game and props. It seems that our untraditional and creative way of teaching is rubbing off, which is awesome to see! On the weekend, we had planned to go to Machupicchu, but obviously that was cancelled! So instead, Irene and I spent our Friday on eating lunch out, walking about getting to know Cusco even better, did a bit of shopping and then found a sunny spot in a park where we vegged and tried to get a tan. Saturday, we(the teaching team) climbed up to the local Inca ruins, but appalled by the entry price, we decided to wait to another day, where by going early, we can get in for free. Instead, we went to the local gringo hang-out and had pancakes and played simpsons cluedo, while enjoying the all day happy hour( fantastic caiprinhas, daiquires etc. for 2 euros, not bad I tell you) However, this was the end of merriment. I started feeling sick and had really bad stomach cramps. It came to the point where I had to take a taxi home, after not been able to finish my dinner. Sunday, I continued feeling sick and this morning, Henry, my teaching partner, told me he had the exact same symptoms as me, and we therefore went to the clinic after teaching. Here, we spent the next 5 hours. They ran some tests on us, and I was diagnosed with salmonella and paracites! Henry was also diagnosed with paracites. We think it came from a bad steak which we had at a restaurant, so of course this really really sucks and it has not been pleasant, but under the circumstances I am fine. I have been prescribed about 5 different kinds of meds, in funky colours, and I should be fine in a couple of days. I do have to go on a sort of diet the next three days, which means no dairy, no fried food, no spicy food, no fresh vegetables and fruits. This is the worst part, haha…so yea, plain rice, pasta and some cereales is all I am allowed 😦 However, I am just glad that we caught it now, and I will be fine. So do not worry, I know it sounds a bit overwhelming, I am a bit overwhelmed myself, salmonella AND paracites seems a bit excessive, but really I will be just fine in a matter of days!



One Response to “Quiet week, weather madness and sickness”

  1. Aja Says:

    åh, Lærke, stakkels pus. Jeg tænker på dig og din stakkels mave, men er glad for at det hele virker sådan rimelig civiliseret med medicinen osv.
    Jeg er også glad for at høre at I har klaret regnvejret, jeg har hørt om mange hvis huse er skyllet væk og en masse nødhjælpsarbejde.
    Dejligt at høre at du trods alt stadig holder humøret oppe!

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