Poco a poco

Hey everybody

I have had a more quiet week and weekend this time. I started my week in bed unfortunately. Monday,  I had to stay home due to a nasty nasty cold, which I am almost completely over now. But my healing went quite fast thanks to Maria, my host mother. She kept on feeding me lemon and garlic, and put vaseline in my nostrils : o Not pleasant, but it worked. So tuesday I was back in business, or at least I was teaching. My class is doing well, Henry and I have had to realise however that repetition and going forward very s l o w is necessary, so next week we will repeat things to death. In South America, patience is a virtue and a necesity, with public transport, with your students (and their ringing cellphones and lateness), with people trying to screw you over, especially taxi drivers etc. 🙂 Friday, the organisation had organised salsa dancing for all the volunteers which was incredibly fun. The instructor was of course uber gay, and very entertaining. For example, he kept on saying to us girls: Chicas -be sexyyy! Btw, the large majority are girls,  the gender ratio is like 1:8, haha. After dancing, we all had pizza and then Irene and I went to a bar/lounge/night club where we know the owner (its always about the connections!) and here we watched a movie and sipped daiquiries, it was goood. In Cusco, there are no cinemas so people can go to the big cafes, which have a dvd collection and you basically just choose one and buy a drink. I like it, I like it alot 🙂 Afterwards, we went to a cafe in San Blas and had dinner while we had a beautiful overview of Cusco, and we ended our night playing pool with some of the other volunteers.  Saturday, I stayed in bed til noon..great, and in the afternoon Irene, Sylvanna and I went to a handicraft market, where I went a bit crazy and bought two alpaca scarfs, and a sweater and alpaca slippers. It was great! In the evening, Irene and I chilled out: read books, got takeaway cake and listened to the rain. This weekend has been crazy weather-wise, it has rained probably 14 out 24 hours a day, the streets turn into rivers at night, and in the Sacred Valley the river has overflooded. It better fix itself till next weekend, as we plan to go to Machupicchu!



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