What a weekend!

Hola chicos!

I have had an amazing weekend. We have every Friday off, which is a real treat, as I get to have awesome long weekends. This Friday did start out with 3 and a half hour of Spanish grammar, but after my class I met up with the teaching team(we are now 6 people: 2 danes, 2 english, an italian and an american -wicked) and Sylvanna, another cusquean volunteer. Together, we went to some hot thermal baths outside Cusco for the staggering for 3 soles, less than a euro. The baths are natual hot springs, which have been put under a roof, added some changing rooms, and voila..lovely lovely 30 degree water and a great view of the mountains. I had not had a warm shower for 10 days at that point, so imagine my excitement! Sylvanna, Irene and I then stayed at a hostel in Pisac(town in the Sacred Valley) overnight. We got up at 5.30 in the morning (and this is not a typo, 5.30 yes) to climb the Pisac ruins, which are the best in the country after Machupicchu of course. If one enters the national park before 7.00 you get in for free, so yes, there was a purpose for the early rise 🙂 We then spend the next 6-7 hours hiking in the mountains and looking at the most increbible ruins I have ever seen. It was very magical in the morning, when the mist was still laying on the mountains, and you could feel the clouds fly across your face, and then once in while an Incan citadel would appear or a stunning view of the Sacred Valley – photos will follow soonish! At around lunch, we came back in to Pisac, and devoured delicous pizzas. We were absolutely starving after having climbed around for 6 hours(I have to add that I this weekend managed to get a healthy tan, yay!). We spent the afternnon in the cafe, where we played domino and other fun games. Late afternoon, we went into Cusco and met up with more volunteers for a fun night out.  Our night ended with a weak moment, and we attacked the only Macdonalds in Cusco, haha. This morning, Irene and I went to Sylvannas house, as she turned 20 today, for the great mixture of layer cake, nachos, hot chocolate, peach juice and marshmallows, haha.  We than met up with the others, again, and had a proper Western breakfast, as Sylvanna who is homesick has been craving exactly this.  On the flip side, I have been battling a cold and in this moment have no real voice. I blame it on the cold and damp houses, but I will get over it.Teaching is going really well! My class now counts 13 people, more or less, as attendance is still a problem, haha. Henry and I have been going through very basic stuff, as we deal with people who are supposed to be English teachers, but cannot master the verb “to-be”,  its quite shocking really. So “poco a poco” ( little by little) has become the motto.

Hope you are all well, and surving wintry Europe/US.

lots of love


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