Teaching, language confusion and hard work


Today I had my first proper day of teaching, and it was great! There was supposed to be 13 people in my class, but only 5 showed up – Welcome to South America, haha. But the few that showed up were very keen and my teaching partner Henry( english boy, very sweet and great at spanish) and I fought our way through language barriers and had alot fun watching the students getting competitive over a game with the verb “to-be”. But man, do I need to brush up on my grammar, one thing is to be able to speak English, teaching it is a whole different thing! We spent our afternoon today and yesterday at the Cusco office, where we prepare lessons, easier said than done, but equipped with scissors, paper and pens we have been creating drawings, worksheets and beautiful drawings(you know how skilled I am -not) we are having fun creating lessons. Since my last post, I had an incredible night out in Cusco – let me tell you: South Americans know how to party, we were only home at like 6.30 🙂 However Irene, Silvanna and I made the mistake of getting up two hours later to go to a famous handicraft market outside Cusco. Let me tell you, you do not enjoy the many turns and going up and down mountain sides when you have a massive hangover 🙂 But anyway, it was a great market, I will have to return though, could not enjoy it properly. Today I had great fun handwashing my clothes with my host mother Maria, who would have thought that dirty underwear and cold water would have been an awesome and fun bonding-experience. Tomorrow evening all the voluteers are meeting up at a pub in Urabamba (in the Sacred valley) for a home-made pub quiz. I have a feeling it is going to be hilarious.


btw, I am uploading photos on facebook at this exact moment, so have a look!


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