Birthday and other adventures

Hello my people 🙂 Thank you for all the birthday wishes, so far i am having a great one. This morning I woke up to cake, homemade chocolate, singing and merriness. The best wayto wake up, and a great breakfast, haha. After devouring cake etc. Irene (housemate) and went around Cusco with a fellow volunteer, and discovered the magnificent San Blas with steep stairs, massive Inca walls  and a magnificent overview of Cusco. Tonight, we (the volunteers) are going out to explore the Cusco nightlife, and maybe I will even pick up some salsa steps, yeah! In the other days since i last wrote, I have been busy with teaching workshops, learning how to make lesson plans, looking at material and making an exam which will divide our “students” into levels. I will be teaching the beginners, so that will test my Spanish for sure, even though it is coming along really nicely..especially after my intense weekly spanish lesson which are one-on-one and last min. 3 hours.


La gringa

One Response to “Birthday and other adventures”

  1. Sharika and Thomas Says:

    Congratulations on everything! love from us

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