First real day

Today was my first real day. I woke up at 5.30 – stupid jet lag. At 7.00 my lovely host parents took my to the bus, to go to a village called Urubamba where alot of the other volunteers are staying. The ride was one of the most beautiful I have even taken. The Andes were all around me, and everything is so green, because its rainy season. I will upload some photos. After waiting an hour at the bus terminal (my anxious parents had made sure I was there in good time), the rest of the volunteers came..only girls of course, haha, ad we ventured off to Ollantaytambo, a small mountain village where we saw traditional dancing, bull fighting etc. The pictures I took look like something out of a turist catalogue. The other voluteers were really nice, everybody is from different countries (australia, canada, holland, france etc.) So I definetly see lots of opportunity for a great social life here, and it seems that everybody comes into Cusco on the weekends. my housemate Irene also arrived today, she is italian and seems great, and is super good at spanish which is kind of intimidating, but super cool.

The only unfortunate thing is that the strong andean sun caught me by surprise and now Im have a bad sunburn and look even more like a gringo.

Besos y abrazos

3 Responses to “First real day”

  1. mor Kirsten Says:

    Hola Laerke

    Det lyder til at du har har det rigtig godt, og har en soed hostfamilie, det er jeg glad for at hoere.Fint at I kommer fra saa mange forskellige steder og at din housemate er soed( og god til spansk!)
    det er stadig vildt koldt( minus 10 i nat), men vi har ikke faaet saa meget sne her, mens Jylland er begravet. Fjorden er ved at vaere frosset til, det kunne vaere sjoct at gaa over den.
    Ellers har vi det godt. der er nabospisning i morgen, saa jeg skal have lavet noget mad, vi bliver 22!
    Jeg skriver paa loerdag paa den store dag, haaber de fejrer dig.

    Jeg er paa vej i seng, kl. er 11 Abrazos mamá

  2. mor Kirsten Says:

    haaber du faar min comment, fatter ikke helt systemet!!!

  3. Sharika and Thomas Says:

    Hola Gringa,

    Glad to hear that all is well and that you have acquired new anxious parents. We are still knee deep in snow. Enjoy the view and work on your spanish. Lots of love from us

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