Here I am!

So, I´m  in Peru now.  Its increbibly overwhelming, but pretty amazing so far. My host family is wonderful, my “mom” calls me mami all the time and is very sweetly concerned with my security and well being.She speaks Spanish to me all the time andvery fast, so my limited skills are being put to test, but in a few days I think it will have flown back, until then a lot of  smiling and nodding, haha.

 Cusco is situated 3300 meters above sea level, and so far I have evaded altitude sickness, but anything up-tempo or just getting out of bed makes my heart pound like crazy and  short of breath. Luckily, Coca leaf tea seems to cure it so ihave been drinking it constantly. I have met one other volunteer here, who is American and we went into town togther and walked around. Cusco is very southamerican in its appearance with small colourful house on the hill-sides and colonial style house and plenty of old churches. I can´t wait to explore more. Tomorrow, I am off to a local celebration/festival called Bajada de los Reyes with a few other volunteers, so that should be interesting.  Hope you are all well in the cold and snow(sorry couldnt help myself, haha) xxxx

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